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Social Studies/History

In ESTE's OURstory Units, kids conduct relevant and meaningful investigations of the past as well as the present, making connections that help them better understand themselves and the society they live in. Using mostly primary sources, kids focus on women and world religions in their studies of the ancient world and "middle ages." In their studies of Turtle Island, kids studying OURstory turn their attention to stories, struggles, triumphs, & truths belonging to Native people of the land, as well as Black Americans & other People of the Global Majority living in the United States. Uncomfortable or challenging topics are not ignored or sugar coated; rather kids are guided by their teacher to understand injustice from a historical and empathic perspective, and to apply that learning to the work of justice today. Storytelling, creative writing, art projects, teamwork, games, and joy are also a part of OURstory, too! 

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For anyone looking for innovative lessons and resources, look no further! I have personally and professionally known Lucia for 15 years and she has continued to provide both her students AND colleagues with solid, culturally and socially relevant materials. -Jenn, teacher

ESTE Publishing

Empowering Students Through Education

Company Name: ESTE Publishing LLC

Founder: Lucia Reyes

Founded: August 2018 but fully operational since July 2022

Number of Employees: 1

  • Pronounced like the Spanish este

  • ESTE is a Social Studies & Ethnic Studies curriculum and educator services company focusing on equitable practices in the middle school years

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