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ethnic studies
pilot program

why is this important?

Ethnic Studies has proven to be beneficial to students of all ethnicities, especially Black & Latinx youth. Although most ES courses are in high school, middle school is the perfect time to introduce kids to their first Ethnic Studies course. 


  • OURstory Ethnic Studies Course Curriculum 2022-2023​

  • Four digital workshops

  • One on one coaching sessions

  • Feedback opportunities

  • OURstory Ethnic Studies 2023-2024

when is

Enroll by August 1st, 2022.

Two dates for introduction workshop- June 16th & TBD in August. Workshops will be held once a school quarter. Program ends at the end of the


school year!


$250 for Curriculum 


$400 "All-in" Teacher Package: Curriculum, four workshops, & four one on one coaching sessions. 

$1,500 "All-in" District Price, includes two-year site license.

how can i
sign up?

To request more information, please fill out the form below & I will respond as soon as possible. If you are ready to purchase, clink pay!

Why we need Ethnic Studies...

students of color are...

  • More likely to live in poverty
  • At schools that likely receive less $23 billion less than schools with mostly white students
  • Less likely to have Internet access & /or home computers
  • More likely to be targeted for dress code
  • Less likely to see themselves centered in curriculum
  • More likely to be at a school without counselors but with school police 
  • Less likely to have their intersectional needs met (gender diversity, sexual identity, disability, etc). 

Black male students are...

  • Less likely than white peers to have a teacher who looks like them, are less likely to have access to AP & college-ready courses (only 57% do), and see less positive representation of themselves in curriculum

  • MORE likely than white peers to face implicit bias from staff, 3.8x times more likely to be suspended, 2.3x more likely to be referred to or arrested by a school police officer and 5x more likely to be detained by or sent to juvenile detention centers.

Studies of ethnic studies prove...

  • When kids study other cultures, their empathy & acceptance increases; for example, studies of Islam have proven to reduce Islamophobia (Pew Research Center)

  • Students who "struggle" and are at higher risk of dropping out were proven to increase in attendance & GPA as a result of taking Ethnic Studies; this especially benefitted Latino males (study by Stanford Grad School)

  • Black students do better in school when given access to Black role models, in and beyond curriculum 

  • Students of color increase in self-esteem & critical thinking skills when allowed to take an Ethnic Studies course

  • White students benefit from overall diversity in their schooling experience, including within their studied content

  • Ethnic Studies courses can help to "dispel myths and build connections amongst students as opposed to divisions," especially because all students have been “miseducated about the roles of both Whites and people of color throughout history” (Professor Brooks, Cal State Fullerton)

My best evidence that middle schoolers need ethnic studies come from my own ethnic studies​ students...

  • I just want to say thank you for bringing me hope every day you make me excited to go to school. Every time I come in to your class I feel welcomed. I love learning about stuff in your class. Not only do I learn ethnic studies I learn new things about people in our class every day. I chose ethnic studies because I want to be an immigration lawyer and help make a change and you have helped me learn how. When I become an immigration lawyer and make a change just know you were a big part of that. I have learned more things about history than I have in history class because you tell the stories of the unheard. I am slowly helping to make change I convinced my mom to vote and she voted for the first time I also brought up the lGTbQ community in history thanks to you and I have spoken up. I always thought I had to protest in order to get equality you have taught me that there is many other ways to do it and that by just words I can help make a change. I love coming to our class because I can relate to a lot of people but at the same time we are all so different so I learn something new. 

  • Ethnic studies was an amazing class, it educated me about cultures, BLM, racism, homophobia, etc. Before I took ethnic studies I had no care or education about racism, white supremacy, homophobia, etc, that class genuinely helped me become a better person, it helped me realize that people of color don’t have the same rights as white people, ethnic studies really helped me a lot and educated me a lot. That class also helped me create a good relationship with my teacher, showing me that I can trust her no matter what!❤️

  • I juss wanna say I appreciate you for everything- you uplifted me and boosted my confidence- taught me to be a stronger young woman and to use my voice- to be loud and proud and stand firm in my beliefs and to speak on how I feel and when I feel- I appreciate you so much... you've helped me overcome so many things- ESPECIALLY with body positivity- 

"Ms. Reyes challenged us but always made learning history a lot of fun. I know her HERstory and OURstory curriculum won't be anything less than intriguing and interesting!"

- Alex Rogers, former student

"Lucia is my curriculum coach who guides me into pushing and refining my practice at every opportunity. During this time, I have gotten to know Lucia quite well and can thoroughly vouch for her character and abilities. I am so excited that, due to her love of historical social justice and determination to spread her passion, Lucia is self-publishing a curriculum that teaches to the myriad of female perspectives that have historically been oppressed!"

- Mr. Gomez, 8th grade Social Studies teacher

Why you supported...
Lucia's thoughtful and inclusive curriculum is exactly what our country needs right now to empower and educate all our students.

Representation Matters! 
I am supporting this campaign because I am a proud mother of 4 HerStory makers! 
Women need to be represented more! So what better place than in our classrooms?
Because I love Lucia and am so inspired by the work she is doing! And because I want my sweet daughter to know about all of the powerful womxn that came before her!

Why it's important?
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