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Educators. Parents. Community Members. Allies.


Founder & Director

Lucia Reyes

As a proud Chicana, mother, and teacher of “rebellious” history, Lucia Reyes is living out the work of racial equity and social justice on behalf of underserved and excluded youth. She has 20 years of experience in education: as a youth counselor, instructional coach, curriculum author, presenter, and classroom teacher of 12 years. In 2022, Lucia quit the school system and founded ESTE Inc. a nonprofit, grassroots organization committed to “empowering self, students, and society through education.” Though a UCLA graduate, Lucia, credits listening to her students as being the best source of information as to what needs to change in our schools. She suggests we all listen.

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Storyteller & Community Organizer

Manuel Chavez

Manuel Chavez is a Native Chicano whose roots in New Mexico date back far before colonization. His perspective is shaped by experiences of growing up in the barrio, getting sucked into the school to prison pipeline, and involvement in political activism from the Chicano Movement of the 1960s through today. He also happens to be the father of ESTE’s founder and a major inspiration for the project. Manuel is the author of ESTE’s “Qué pasa?” blog about empowering oppressed people with information, historical analysis, and positive celebration of culture. He believes that knowledge should be passed down from one generation to the next and considers it an honor as a grandfather to pass on what he knows.

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Youth Apprentice


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Lucia Reyes

Board President


Challen David

Board Member, Treasurer

Challen David has always been a “wave-maker”. As a teen, she volunteered with local political groups to register voters before being able to vote herself. She has worked in public education since 2003, and her work in the classroom and love for the community kept her involved in a variety of volunteer positions. Working in under-resourced communities and schools made her realize that the system wasn’t changing fast enough to meet the needs of her students and their families. She believes in education as an essential human-right, and advocates for the transformative power of community. She believes that investing in our youth is the most important investment of our time, energy, and money we can make.


Barron Gardner

Board Member, Officer

Barron Gardner is a veteran educator and community activist based in the Antelope Valley. He has been engaged in issues dealing with education and police violence for years. Barron holds an MA in education and a BA in Pan African Studies. He authored the African American History class which is at every site in the Antelope Valley Union High School District. Barron’s involvement with grassroot organizations includes the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, Alliance for Black Student Equity and Cancel the Contract AV. 


Monique Milner

Board Member, Officer

Monique is originally from Pasadena, CA and the oldest of 5 siblings. She is also a twin, the older one of course. Monique is also a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 5 with one more grandbaby on the way. Monique and her husband have been married for 18 years and have been football and Boy Scout parents since they can remember. She is very committed to the community and nurturing positive relationships. One of these positive relationships was with teachers at my boys’ middle school, including members of team ESTE. Connect me to the right people, and I am a force to be reckoned with.


Molly Mansubi

Board Member, Secretary

Molly Mansubi is a 17 year veteran teacher with experience teaching Spanish, Social Studies, AVID Excel, and Leadership. She is a mother, a seeker, and a dreamer. A lover of culture and people, a quiet red headed warrior, a revolutionary thinker pushing for systemic change. Molly has her Master’s Degree in Education and is currently taking courses to strengthen her skills in culturally responsive literacy teaching practices. She is also the original ESTE “guinea pig” as Lucia’s former history teaching partner. ESTE Inc. is shaped by countless moments of friendship and collaboration between the two “mamas” on campus.

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